Mission Hammers And Button Bits

Mission Hammers And Button Bits

KGR offers Mission Hammers And Button Bits well designed by our group of designers, these Mission Hammers are sought after amongst our customers. These Mission Hammers And Button Bits sledges are produced utilizing amazing combination steel and hold fast to industry benchmarks. Digger sledges offered by us have higher and reliable entrance rate, have limit and competence to survive high weight and are erosion safe. Our extent is utilized within distinctive applications like water well penetrating, impacting gaps, quarries and common development.

  • Size of Hammers 3", 41/2",43/4",5",6",61/2" Sd8",dh17"

Mission Hammers and Ql40 mission hammers button are made up with standard materials that withstands sledge have been created after broad examination, which guarantees best quality giving sledges longer existence with less need of upkeep, less wear and tear, therefore giving the end client additionally boring meter gage and ideal execution and more pay being conservative. The "Mission Hammers And Button Bits” are overwhelming obligation and are accessible in sizes extent of 4" to 10" widths.

The dimensions of mission hammers and button bits are :

  • Cheetha, Panther, DHD-34O,Mission-4, SD-4, QL-40,
  • DHD-360,QL-60,Mission Mega, SD-6, Cop-64
  • SD-8,DHD-380,
  • SD-10

Mission Hammers And Button Bits are standard products, that confirm to international standards tools and machinery equipments and good quality control methods. KGR Mission Hammers products are constantly improved with adaptation of the most recent manufacturing technologies and the product features always ensure.

  • Longer Product Life.
  • Higher and consistent penetration rate.
  • The capacity and capability to perform hitch-free at higher pressure range.
  • Reduced number of parts, and compact structure for lower rate of wear&tear.
  • Avoidance of Back Hammering, Hammer blocking etc.,
  • Minimum maintenance costs.
Mission Hammers And Button Bits