Hammer Rock Drill Exporters

Hammer Rock Drill Exporters

KGR Industriesis the world’s leading Hammer Rock Drill Exporters in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh.

Offering Down-the-Hole Hammer solutions for mining, water well drilling, quarrying drilling, construction, oil and gas industries and other civil engineering industries.

Our ranges of DTH Hammers are available in varied sizes ranging from 3.5 inches-48 inches in diameter with the cluster hammer drilling.

Rock Drill Hammers

Specialized alloy steel construction males these hammers ideal even in the most abrasive applications.

Used in many different industries and companies throughout the world.

The “DTH hammer” or “Down-the-Hole” is used for drilling small or large holes through a wide range of rock types, the variety of DTH hammers continues to enhance well beyond the original conception of blast hole drilling.

Rock Drill Hammers Features

  • Low maintenance cost
  • Longevity of product life
  • Increased efficiency with more power and consistent penetration rate.
  • The capacity and efficiency to perform hi-tech free at higher pressure range
  • Reduced number of parts and compact structure for wear and tear
  • Avoidance of Back Hammering and Hammer blocking etc

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Hammer Rock Drill