Drilling Bits Hyderabad

Drilling Bits Hyderabad

Kgr Industries has manufacture Borewell Drilling Bits from highest quality material alloy steel forgings to make sure long life and efficient Hole drilling operations, it has been fabricated through numerous machining method to deliver associate immaculate body for prime resistance to abrasion, wear and stretch that's ordinarily seasoned amid penetrating.

Features of Drilling Bits Hyderabad

  • Superlative performance
  • High durability
  • Best grade material

Bits body has heat-treated to a required hardness that extends the Bit life for max performance at intervals the toughest drilling conditions, and fitted with prime quality foreign metal carbide buttons have to give greatest drilling experience. The placement of carbide buttons on the bit face is powerful hydraulically pressed keeping up proper interference and gauge allows the full scope of button bit diameter and face. The flushing grooves and holes verify terribly nearly flushing potency for higher drilling.

Our Drill Pipes / Hammer Sizes

  • Br2 Cheetah Drill pipes (2.5" to 4")
  • Dhd340 Mach44 Drill pipes (4.5" to 7")
  • Panther Drill pipes (4.5"

Our Button Bits has high penetrated execution and sturdiness ensure that will handle any take a look at and numerous arrangements of matter rocks as rock, marbles, and slate, ignite rocks like granites

Drilling Bits Hyderabad